Target Smarter. Faster. Improve Results.

Programmatically adapt micro-moments, weather patterns, inventory and trends to truly capitalize on the moment.

Bid Pricing

Regulate bid prices based on performance, micro-moments, external signals, location and device to maximize value and capture opportunities as they occur.

Adaptive Inventory Marketing

Pause ads when products go out of stock. Boost campaigns for overstock items. Never waste money again marketing an item you can’t deliver.

Landing Page Optimizer

Drive users to top performing landing pages. Go from A-B testing to A-Z testing as campaigns get perpetually smarter over time.

Automatic Keyword Refinement

Create, capture and optimize keywords through emerging real-time trends and micro-moments. Pause keywords the moment they become less prominent.

Dynamic Product Listing

Dynamically update Product Listing Ads based on emerging consumer trends and product promotions as they continuously change.

Optimal Ad Scheduling

Proactively schedule ads during the most optimal moments based on promotions, discounts and seasonality trends to target the most intent-driven customers.

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